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Dr. Hareram Mukherjee
19th, July 1937 - 9th, November 2004
Dr. Hareram Mukherjee, a name that still shines in the field of Veterinary Surgeons and is remembered as one of the pioneers in the Veterinary Industry in India. From his childhood he has been a brilliant student and joined the Belgachia Government Veterinary College to do his Masters. He was the first Veterinary Surgeon who started private practising at his own clinic. He set an example to other doctors and showed them how much Dignity and Respect can be earned in this industry with hard work and love for animals. He joined Tata Steel as a Consultant Physician and visited Jamshedpur every week. With the help of the Directors of Tata Steel, he set the foundations of the TISCO Kennel, later the Telco, Tinplate and Tata Bearing Kennels. The dogs were trained here by professional trainers who would be associated with the Industry Security at night. The Dog Squads looked after the security of the Factory, Go-downs and the Roads around the city and helped track down thieves and criminals. He had been to the United States Of America to learn the craft of ear cropping and introduced it to India. He was also the first to bring to India the breed of Rottweiler. He had visited many countries to learn new techniques and methods of treatment to bring up the standard of living pets and other animals lead in India. He loved animals and tried his best to bring comfort to their life. He was renowned throughout India and people came down to visit him from far and wide. He was associated to all the major Kennel Clubs of India and Animal Welfare Organizations. He was heart and soul dedicated to the animals, whom he believed and mentioned that for him "D-O-G is G-O-D". Even on the last evening of his human existence, he sat at the clinic and treated his patients. He left for his heavenly abode on the dawn of 9th of November' 2004, leaving behind all those animals who would not be able to feel his comforting presence which helped them live not just a Dog's Life, but a lot more than that.

Even after he left for his heavenly abode, the Clinic, which he considered as a Temple, still remains open, with experienced doctors sitting round the clock. The clinic is run by his wife, Mrs. T. Mukherjee and caters to all kinds of pet requirements. The clinic provides Annual Vaccinations, Daily Check-ups, Operation Theatre, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Grooming, Medicines, Pet Food,
Pet Products. Every year in remembrance to him, an Annual Free Health Camp is organized at the clinic where pet owners come with their pets and they are given Free Health Check-up, Technical Session, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Free Medicine Distribution, Anal Gland Cleaning, Health Record Making and Free Gifts for the pet owner and their Pet.

The clinic strives its best to keep up the legacy of Dr. Hareram Mukherjee with the help of the Doctors and the attendants present at the clinic. Lets together make the life of the speechless animals more comfortable, loving, caring and eternal.
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